Current Working Papers

"Macroeconomic Effects of Banking Sector Losses Across Structural Models,” with Matteo Iacoviello, Francisco Covas, John Driscoll, Michael Kiley, Mohammad Jahan-Parvar, Albert Queralto Olive, and Jae Sim, 2018. Appendix.

Macroeconomic Policy Games,” with Martin Bodenstein and Joe LaBriola, 2016. Toolbox and Replication Codes (last updated 09/16/2016). SlidesPrevious draft of paper (version from 09/02/2014).  Previous Version of Tooolbox (version from 09/02/2014)

Interpreting Shocks to the Relative Price of Investment with a Multi-Sector Model,” with Jinill Kim, 2017. Appendix with extended Proof of Theorem 1.  Slides.   

Can macro variables used in stress testing forecast the performance of banks?” with Michelle Welch, 2012.

Oil Efficiency, Demand, and Prices: a Tale of Ups and Downs” with Martin Bodenstein, 2011.